I work freelance for Paris and London in graphic design, illustration and animation /
Je suis graphiste de formation avec une forte identité en illustration et animation. Je travaille entre Paris et Londres.

jeudi 3 avril 2014

Baby's card for Lisa

For my friend Lisa who just got a boy named Malo.

She came up with all the play on words with Malo's name and the art direction :
- Saint-Malo is a town in Brittany, France. The name Malo is also greeted the 15th of November on the Christian (catholic?) calendar among all the others saints.
- "Malhonnête" : dishonest
- "Mal au coccyx" : coccyx's pain ... could be a friend of Asterix and Obelix
- "Chat Malo" ( Cat - Malo) sounds exactly like "Chamallow" , a French commercial name for the marshmallow.
- "Mal'-ouin". "ouin" is the sound babies make in French. "Malouin" is used for someone living at Saint-Malo.
- "Allô", say the French when answering the phone.

mercredi 26 février 2014

Abandonned comic with Orson Welles

Since you seem to like it on my page, I edit a note.

"The Cigar That Fell in Love With a Pipe" ("L'histoire du cigare amoureux d'une pipe")

I worked on it 5 years ago with the writer David Camus. I didn't have the time and the maturity to go on though. So the comic is now on another illustror's hands. And it will get published at Self MadeHero this April, I read in David Camus's blog.
It starts with Orson Welles smoking a very rare cigar and as the story progresses, you learn how this cigar was made and about the spirit within. Obviously, I went to the library looking for Cuba's pictures and documentation, but also at the Hollywood pre-war period.